Farmecul lecturii

 A book…a bunch of sheets gathered together protected by a nice cover , that’s how a book looks like in our eyes.  However , we all know  a book is far more than that , don’t we ?

   Our reality is not perfect , we don’t have everything we want and maybe we aren’t exactly who we would like to be but in the universe of books all these things can change.  Books are our escape from this world , which sometimes become dominated by boredom or even sadness.
  A good book does more than simply entertain-it leaves you mentally richer than when you started it. Reading opens your mind , exposes you to different points of view . When you read you can “meet” different kinds of people and you can also face many  problems and situations .  So …if you live more than one life you become much more prepared for the real life .
   The benefits brought by literature in our lives are essentials  and countless . We can find peace , happiness or even love in the pages of a book . We can combine pleasure with learning and therefore make the most of the time allotted to relaxation in our busy schedules  . Let’s not forget that all the knowledge of the world that has been accumulated by mankind over history is in books.
     It doesn’t matter if you read a fairytale , a novel or a biography ; it doesn’t matter if you read classics or modern fiction books …just read ! I truly believe that books  were , are and will be the rescuing   for our soul, culture and knowledge .
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